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Your village has been destroyed, can you rebuild your team and defeat your enemies to become the ultimate warrior? Fight as 4 different classes, give orders, level up and unlock 30 hats, 30 weapons and 20 pieces of armor to change your stats and appearance in this 2D arena battle game! Classes: Scouts: Light but quick; they are armed with a melee weapon and a pistol. The first on the scene and devastating in numbers. Brutes: Powerful tank units; slow but very strong! They wield a melee weapon and fire shotguns. Medic: Vital support units who can heal their team mates (with the attack button) and fire a rifle. Mage: Mystical warriors who shoot fire balls and can "blink" teleport by pressing the block button.

Arrow keys: Move, A: Attack, S: Shoot, D: Block. Number keys: Issue order to team mate. Rebind controls in the options and/or pause menu.

Action, Adventure

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