Published on February 28, 2011. Played 1,583 times. Editors' rating 2.3

Blocky is a domino-like puzzle game with 20 levels. In this fun game, you will try to the Blocky to get home with vertical or horizontal rolling.

Use ARROW KEYS and Z,X to play. Landing on the Home Space: Blocky needs to land square on the home space to complete the level. If he is out of place you may need to reset the level and try again. The upside of blocky can be any color when landing on Green home blocks. See below for other colored home blocks! Colored home spaces: The upside of Blocky needs to be matching the color of the home space when he flips on it. If blocky is facing up the wrong way you will need to try again or reset the level!

Strategy, Puzzle

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