Brotherhood Of Battle

Published on October 29, 2010. Played 1,170 times. Editors' rating 2.2

Brotherhood of Battle is a Multiplayer Turn-based Strategy Game. Defend your town and spare no mercy for the opposing faction. Utilize the specialties of your forces well, the enemy shares no quarter. Each turn, you've got one minute to position your units, cast your spells, manage your keep, unleash destruction upon your opponent and hope to hell you've done some serious damage, it's his turn next! The Brotherhood calls you to action!

Defeat your opponent by controlling your units in turn. Don't forget to perform an action or use defend after moving to confirm the unit's movement. Click friendly or enemy units/objectives to bring up context menu actions such as attacking, casting spells or capturing objectives. Controls: W A S D (Or arrow keys): Move your currently selected unit or scroll the map if no units are selected. R: Undo movement. Tips: Capture gold mines to raise your income each turn. Use spare gold to upgrade your keep and gain valuable research. Use the mana of your units wisely, you might need it later.

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