Burnin Rubber 2

Published on October 4, 2010. Played 1,796 times.

Burnin Rubber 2 is an excellent 3D race game. Step the pedal and run through the highway at full speed. Burnin Rubber 2 is not necessarily based on getting the first position in the race, but on gaining enough points. You will have a target score that you have to reach on each level if you want to unlock a new one. Finishing the race first will give you an impressive bonus, but you can still reach the target score without being first, if you collect enough points.

Each car is pretty fast and points can be found all over the road, as long as you can steer towards them in time. You can also find repair tokens which are quite helpful; your car can get wrecked and it might even explode if you hit too many obstacles.

In Burnin Rubber 2, you will have three opponents to deal with and you will also have to avoid a few other cars which are parked on the road. Speed boosts can also be found, but you can't trigger them yourself; if you get the boost your car will accelerate rapidly and maintain a high speed for around 10 seconds. When this happens, you have to be extra careful because your car might get out of control.

In Burnin Rubber 2 the directional keys are used for driving, the space bar for breaking and the Z key for looking behind you.

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