Carveola Incident

Published on March 18, 2011. Played 1,874 times. Editors' rating 2.4

In this defense game Carveola Incident, you must defend your barricade against an onslaught of zombies. Yes, it's the zombie apocalypse but you're not alone! The end of First World War. Sgt. Kirley receives orders to join a task force consisting of mixed allied and former enemy units. They are sent to investigate a strange sightings near a mysterious deserted trench line. There, Kirley and his men encounter their worst nightmares and are ordered to defend the trench at any cost. Play as Sgt. Kirley, defend the trench from incoming waves of zombies. Hold the line!

  • Mouse - Aim and Fire,
  • R - Reload,
  • P - Pause.
Click on available artillery icon, then click on the ground to order artillery strikes. Use mouse to move along the trench

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