Catnarok 2: Longcat Rampage

Published on March 3, 2012. Played 2,505 times.

Catnarok 2: Longcat Rampage is an actual aim-and-shoot game with 6 special abilities, more than 20 enemies, a brand new tree upgrade system, and 4 epic bosses for 4 epic stages!

Lead Longcat through the levels by shooting any incoming threat and defending yourself with your shield! Try to survive for as long as possible to get an hiscore, and, who knows, maybe beat the game and accomplish the prophecy of Catnarok! Mouse + hold click = aim-and-shoot basic attack. E = use eye laser attack (once unlockjed). S = activate/deactivate shield (once unlocked). R = activate rage (once unlocked). Spacebar = Shoop Da Woop mouth cannon.

Category: Action

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