Catnarok 2: Longcat Rampage

Published on March 3, 2012. Played 2,681 times. Editors' rating 2.5

Catnarok 2: Longcat Rampage is an actual aim-and-shoot game with 6 special abilities, more than 20 enemies, a brand new tree upgrade system, and 4 epic bosses for 4 epic stages! Lead Longcat through the levels by shooting any incoming threat and defending yourself with your shield! Try to survive for as long as possible to get an hi-score, and, who knows, maybe beat the game and accomplish the prophecy of Catnarok!

Mouse + hold click to aim-and-shoot basic attack. E to use eye laser attack (once unlockjed). S to activate / deactivate shield (once unlocked). R to activate rage (once unlocked). Spacebar to Shoop Da Woop mouth cannon.

Action, Adventure
shooter, epic

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