Dan Devil

Published on March 5, 2014. Played 185 times.

Dan Devil is an action packed fighting game where you have to stop a prison outbreak. You have less than four minutes to stop 11 bosses and minor baddies! Run, punch, jump and yank baddies from the sky before they get away! Join Dan as he fights, pulls and punches his way across the abyss stopping as many familiar monsters as he can. Pull enemies from the sky! They can't escape Dan's grasp! Pound on passing vehicles! When the battle is over -check your score against other top players!

Arrow Keys/W,A,S,D - Move. X Key - Punch and Grab. Space Bar or Z Key - Jump. Mouse Click on Pause button - Pause/UnPause Game. Mouse Click on Speaker button - Mute/UnMute Game.

Category: ActionAdventure

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