DJ Maniax

Published on January 3, 2011. Played 1599 times.

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Dj Maniax is a rhythm game in which you must click on notes (or hit the correct keyboard keys, depending on your CHOSEN PLAY MODE) when the timeline is aligned with their centre. Pass songs to unlock more songs, and ultimately beat the 3 boss stages! All songs and images featured with in the game are used with permission. WorldWide HighScore tables are live. 20 songs with 3 difficulties each! Something for players of all skill levels. 2 ways to play! Keyboard style or Mouse/Tablet style. This game is fun with a wacom tablet! Well thought out and well put together note charts match the songs perfectly! The gameplay style is based on the Korean arcade game DJ Max Technika.

Instructions are in the game.

Category: ActionArcade

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