Puzzle Games

The puzzle game is a genre of games that emphasize puzzle solving. The types of puzzles to be solved can test many problem solving skills including logic, strategy, pattern recognition, sequence solving, and word completion. Found 1441 games.
  1. Slush Tile Rush Slush Tile Rush
  2. Transmission Transmission
  3. Puppet Soccer Champions Puppet Soccer Champi..
  4. Epic Combo Redux Epic Combo Redux
  5. Wandering Eyes Wandering Eyes
  6. Monsterland 4: One more Junior Monsterland 4: One m..
  7. Rico Ninja 2 Rico Ninja 2
  8. Gift Rush 3 Gift Rush 3
  9. Headcrab Invasion Headcrab Invasion
  10. Insanity Town Insanity Town
  11. Famous Painting Parodies 5 Famous Painting Paro..
  12. Why Am I Dead: Rebirth Why Am I Dead: Rebir..
  13. Burn Everything Burn Everything
  14. Dynamite Blast 3 Dynamite Blast 3
  15. Jellydad Hero Jellydad Hero
  16. Blob's Story 2 Blob's Story 2
  17. Rampage Rex Rampage Rex
  18. Red Remover Blast Red Remover Blast
  19. Tinyverse Tinyverse
  20. Park It 3D School Bus 2 Park It 3D School Bu..