Lazy Ass

Published on July 10, 2011. Played 4,896 times. Editors' rating 3.0

Lazy Ass is a funny platform game with a lazy person. Launch your lazy ass from chair to chair to grab all the snacks, then make your way back to the TV. Watch out for monsters and spikes!

  • EFT and right arrow keys to move,
  • Hold and release down to jump,
  • Watch out for monsters, spikes and make sure to always land on your couch!
  • If you have the remote control you can shoot the monsters with the space bar,
  • Press space bar to restart the level if you've died or go to the next level if you've won.

TIP: You can gain momentum by holding the down and left or right arrow keys at the edge of the platform for big jumps with good timing.

shooter, platformer

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