Methus Tower Defense

Published on February 17, 2011. Played 4,381 times. Editors' rating 2.9

Methus, as in the most classic fantasy stories, the good ones won the war versus the Dark Lord's armies. So, the Orcs and Goblins who escaped from the slaughter want to avenge their dead buddies by killing Methus who convinced them to fight aside the Dark Lord. Also the survived chaos knight and dark mages want their payback and they ask it to the Dark Lord's follower who is still alive. On top of that, the winner army of the Humans Alliance wants to eradicate all the evil arms of the Dark Lord. As a consequence our dear Methus is now besieged within his tower by enemy hordes demanding his head cut off! He is a novice sorcerer, but as a talented necromancer he knows the power of the dead souls and he still has the Dark Lord spirit aside to teach him how to learn and upgrade the spells and rituals of the black art! Goal Survive all 20 game levels, keeping your tower energy barrier up and beating the enemy waves off thanks to the magic spells at your disposal. Drain and collect the souls of the killed enemies, in order give them to the Dark Lord spirit for gaining new spells and for upgrading their power. The collected souls are useful also to restore your tower energy barrier and to recharge your mana pool. So, during the game, focus on killing the enemies but don't forget to drain their souls as soon as they die.

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