Pyroscape 3

Published on April 11, 2011. Played 1,222 times. Editors' rating 2.2

The series finale of Pyroscape Game! If you haven't followed the story then check out the Pyroscape and Pyroscape 2 and grab their medals while your at it.

Nick wakes up in a world of fire hell. He manages to escape the terror for only a brief amount of time before he returns back to depths of the dorm room. Fro is awakened and comes to the rescue of his friend, or so he thinks. Now Nick and Corey must escape the dorm together. When the manage to make it outside they face a fierce enemy. With some quick "thinking" Nick and Corey defeat the enemy by knocking over a nearby water tower. Good luck!

Please read in-game instructions and see the first two Pyroscape.

Action, Adventure

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