Ragdoll Salvation!

Published on March 16, 2011. Played 3128 times.

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Can you save the ragdolls from death? Ragdoll Salvation is an extremely simple, fast, challenging and fun ragdoll parody shooter game. This game starts easy, but gets hard! Ragdoll games are getting too easy so the timer is fast, and the arrows have one speed: GO! Arrowspam your way to victory. Cut the ragdolls down before they die to win. Shoot around or arrowspam the boxes. Beat all 50 levels and submit your lowest score! Based on gibbits and ragdoll cannon, fans should enjoy!

  • Mouse to aim.
  • Click to fire
  • Shoot the ropes in time to save the ragdolls from death!
  1. ARROWSPAM; You have no control over how far arrows shoot, but you control how many. Sometimes, only arrowspam works. Shoot as many as you can quickly to knock down boxes.
  2. Arrows have one speed: Go!; The arrows only have one speed. Work your way around this restriction. Shoot fast, and shoot hard.
  3. Use the grid!; The grid is very useful for remembering your target positions and strategies. USE IT!
  4. Don't Shoot the Ragdolls!; They're pretty sensitive you know. Besides, they're already hanging to their death.
  5. Aim is everything!; Missed the rope by a little bit? Aim a bit higher (or lower?).
Category: Action

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