Sparks And Dust

Published on January 5, 2011. Played 1,448 times. Editors' rating 2.3

Solve the riddles and unlock all the secrets of the mysterious kingdom where you fight odd creatures an become part of a wonderful world. Sparks and dust takes you high into a spectacular cloudy surrounding that consists of three sprawling areas, populated with a variaty of enemies, bosses, puzzles and more.

Left and Right: Move Space: Press once to jump, twice to double jump, three times to smash the ground. Hold space to float. Down or S: Use focus (your next attack will smash the ground harder, you'll do double damage, you'll hurt blocking enemies) While floating, you can absorb enemy shots. If you absorb 3 shots and release float, you will retaliate with one of three powerful spells. Absorb 8 shots (without touching the ground) and you'll release one of three REALLY powerful spells. While floating, you'll be boosted upwards (and thus can float longer) if you grab any powerups mid-air or absorb any shots.

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