Published on May 21, 2011. Played 1,431 times. Editors' rating 2.3

You'll find that Starcede is different from other flash shooters because it features beautiful graphics. A Star Map with non linear level progression, secret levels, online high scores, a dynamic tech tree with resettable upgrades, and unique gameplay mechanics that offer a wide variety of gameplay styles. The game combines a great multiplier mechanic that rewards skill with using the points awarded to upgrade your ship, and rewards players for achieving high scores by unlocking additional levels. You'll also see weapon types unseen before like chain lightning (in a shooter!) and more complex game mechanics that skilled players can use but causal players can neglect without punishment. Weapons:

Blaster - shoot plasma bolts at enemies. You can upgrade its spread, damage, and ability to pierce through enemies to do wreak more havoc.

Rocket Launcher - Like homing missiles, they chase enemies. You can upgrade their blast radius, reload time, and damage.

Lightning Gun - A powerful weapon that fries your targets. You can upgrade its chains for a chain lightning effect, damage, and the ability to stun enemies.

Hold mouse over your ship for one second (perfect when you warp into the level) to control with the mouse. Hold SHIFT to activate barrier shield, Press SPACE for NUKE.

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