Super Mind Dungeon

Published on April 12, 2014. Played 293 times. Editors' rating 2.1

Use your psi-power to bounce through the Mind Dungeon. Super Mind Dungeon is an unusual mouse-controlled platform puzzle game, where your character can only move by jumping. Use your psi-powers to help the Master to reach the exit. Bounce off NATURAL surfaces (Earth, wood) to recharge your psi-jump. Touching INERT surfaces (metal, stone) doesn't recharge your jump. Avoid the spike pits. There are 30 levels to master, and a bonus Soul Mode to unlock. Look out for strange characters who may or may not have helpful advice...

Aim in the direction you want to psi-jump using the mouse, and jump with the left mouse button.

Action, Arcade
platformer, dungeon, retro

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