Volley Hurt

Published on March 15, 2011. Played 1392 times.

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Volley Hurt is a fun volleyball game with bonuses, weapons and more. You can play this fun game in two players on the same keyboard.

Player 1:

  • X: Left,
  • C: Down (guard),
  • V: Right,
  • D: Up (Jump),
  • S: Use bonus,
  • J: Smash 1 (upward-downward smash),
  • K: Smash 2 (diagonal smash),
  • L: Smash 3 (straight smash).

Player 2:

  • Left cursor: Left,
  • Down cursor: Guard,
  • Right Cursor: Right,
  • Up Cursor: Jump,
  • Ctrl: Use bonus,
  • 1 (numpad): Smash 1,
  • 2 (numpad): Smash 2,
  • 3 (numpad): Smash 3.

The hitten ball can harm any players being to close, unless in guard mode. When stun shake left and right movement to get rid of the bells.


Multi ball: create two fake ball to confuse the opponent.

Boxing glove: Move straight and harm the opponent. Will travel back. Can back fire.

Medikit: Lower the numer of stun bells you have.

Fire ball: Trail hurt anyone touching it.

Heal ball: Add "rebound lives" to the ball, use it when you are exposed to a touchdown.

Category: ActionSports

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