Benefits of playing word puzzle games

A workout routine for your brainWord puzzles are a great exercise for the brain. There are many studies out there showing that a good mental activity and challenging your brain with new puzzles are a great way to keep your mind and and your brain in optimal performance whether you are 15 or 85. Doing such activities on a regular basis helps prevent dementia. Research shows that activity on a specific function of the brain will improve it in the short ...

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Stay sharp by playing word games

We all agree that daily exercise is as important as brushing your teeth for a healthy lifestyle and a fit body that works right. Even more important is to take special care for the part of your body where size is important: your brain. Hiking, yoga and other activities are good for your muscles and blood vessels. That however is not the only type of exercising that your brain needs.A study published by a team of scientists from Rush University Medical ...

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Why Word Games are good for your brain!

For many of us word games are addictive. We love these puzzles, and there is no doubt they are the safest type of games for any age. You can play them with your family and friends as a social activity, or play alone and challenge your brain. But what are the benefit of word games to our brains, if any? The answer comes from many studies which have come to similar conclusions. Word games or other similar puzzles can contribute to improved memory, vocabulary, ...

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