Benefits of playing word puzzle games

Benefits of playing word puzzle games

A workout routine for your brain

Word puzzles are a great exercise for the brain. There are many studies out there showing that a good mental activity and challenging your brain with new puzzles are a great way to keep your mind and and your brain in optimal performance whether you are 15 or 85. Doing such activities on a regular basis helps prevent dementia. Research shows that activity on a specific function of the brain will improve it in the short and long term. For example, playing memory games helps the memory functions of the brain, while jigsaw puzzles improve the spatial and pattern recognition skills of the brain. Solving dictionary-based puzzles and playing word games will help you improve your language skills or even learn a new language.

Say goodbye to boredom

You may have a very busy life and still have a lot of time to kill. When using public transportation, in waiting rooms, or waiting while the kids are in painting class, playing word game puzzles is a healthy activity. And let’s be honest, no matter how old you are puzzles are fun! There are hundreds of word game puzzles for Android and iOS, and most of the are free.

Refresh your vocabulary

If you want to learn a new language or just refresh your vocabulary, crosswords and other word search games are a great and enjoyable way to improve your vocabulary. When you try to answer clues or search for words, the brain is active on the task of recalling or learning the word, therefore it’s easier to store the new information. 

Improve your spelling

Any kind of word puzzle or dictionary based game, will have you think about the correct sequence of letters in a word in detail. To win the game you will have to spell the word correctly on a grid or board, which is a good way to memorize difficult words.

What games to play

There are many great word games and puzzles, many of which are similar but yet very very different in the experience you gat. It’s important to choose games where the gameplay requires you to concentrate. If word puzzle games are not your thing or not challenging enough you can choose even engaging games like a cryptogram. Similar to physical exercising it’s recommended to find games that stretch out your brain a bit. Most of the games start with easier levels and gradually increase the difficulty, giving you time to warm up.