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WordBlobs Hogspell Elixier

Welcome to our site and thank you for visiting WordBlobs Answers All Levels. WordBlobs is another nice word puzzle game by Apprope and it has been a hit like most of their other games. This one is not that easy in higher levels though. Highlighted in green below you can find the answers for WordBlobs Hogspell Elixier - Level 12. Already done with this level? Head back to WordBlobs Answers for answers to all 1200 levels and daily puzzle. If an answer is missing or is incorrect please leave a comment so other gamers can help you, or send us a message so we can upload and correct the level answer.




Added on: September 8, 2017
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WordBlobs is another addition to the successful portfolio of word games by Apprope. Similar to other word games, you must guess the words by swiping the letters and forming words. You are not given any specific clues, just placeholders representing the number of letters in the words, and you must build the right words for that letter length with the given deck of letters. It features amazing graphics and nice "playful" sounds and it has received very good feedback so far. You can play WordBlobs on both Android and iOS platforms, and you can also connect your Facebook account to share the progress and show off your word puzzle solving skills. It's surely a nice way to stretch your brain 'muscles' and improve your vocabulary as it will make you recall words with a given letter length. In addition to the 1200 normal levels published so far, you can also play the daily puzzle. As fun as it is, higher levels of WordBlobs can get frustrating due to the lack of clues and the increasing number of words that can be formed with the shown letters.

Got stuck? At Fungamesarena.com we are game freaks - just like you - and we have played and solved about 1200 levels so far. Visit Word Blobs Answers for solutions to all levels and daily puzzle.

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